The HCI2 Interrogation
1. Do you or have you ever owned an IPod? (required)

No (skip to question 4)
2. How easy do you find navigating the music menu WITHOUT constant reference to the screen? In other words how easy do you find it to memorise the menu layout of the IPod?

Easy - I can get around well without peeking at the screen
Not bad - I can get around quite a bit, but sometimes get 'lost'
OK - I can work my way around where I currently am, but going to other menus needs a screen viewing
Rather hard - I know one or two options surrounding my current selected choice, but thats it
Terribly hard - Every change needs my eyes on the screen!
3. When using the IPod, do you ever have difficulty in trying to get the click wheel to respond?

Never had an issue - Works whenever I brush my finger over it  Works most of the time - But others seem to have a better grip of the idea than me 
Works everytime - But sometimes its too responsive and goes past/under my desired menu/volume location  I can get it to work half the time - Just haven't quite grasped the technology yet 
Works nearly all the time - But sometimes I need to re-adjust my finger because it stops responding  Less than half the time - Help me! 
4. Do you or have you ever owned a PDA/Smart phone? (required)

No (skip the rest of the questions)
5. What operating system does it use?

Windows CE
Windows Mobile
Symbian OS
Don't know/other
6. How big is your device's built-in memory?

1-32 MB
33-64 MB
64-256 MB
256-1024 MB
1024+ MB (1GB+)
7. And of this memory, how much are you using?

8. Is the amount of memory sufficient to your needs

Sure - Got everything I want on there and room to spare
Sure - Its a bit full, but there's more than enough room for my usage and I dont plan on adding to it
Well its kind of enough, my applications sit on the memory but I keep all my files on removable flash memory
Not really - I've filled it and have some of my applications and all my files on removable flash memory
Are you kidding me?!? - I have to keep a load of my stuff on my huge removable flash memory!
9. How responsive do you find the device? In other words, how long does it take the device to complete an execution you request of it?

Rocket Speed - Does the task and finishes it faster than I can tell it
Jet Speed - Fast at most things but complex things like movies and music it struggles to be fast at
Car Speed - Its fast with stuff like word processing when its loaded, but loading the program is the issue...
Snail Speed - I type in a word and wait for the thing to catch up!
10. Lets talk about the amount of time you can use your device before the battery becomes too low (without recharging before it gets to this stage!. How long is this with your device?

I barely get away from the socket... (up to 2 hour)  It gets through the weekend with a breeze (48-72 hours) 
Gets me to lunch (3-4 hours)  Gets me through work all week (5-6 days) 
I get through the day (12-14 hours)  Goes further than that famous brand with the bunnies...(1 week +) 
...and the night (18- 24 hours)    
11. Finally, what do you use your PDA for?

Business use - Appointments, contacts, notekeeping
Student use - Timetable, lecture note taking
Social use - Music/Video storage/playing
Travel use - Route planning/driving
Mobile communication (non-voice) - Internet, email, instant message chat