Surface Poll
742 votes total

 Who is Your Favorite Character?
  Miles (184) 25%
  Rich (37) 5%
  Laura (95) 13%
  Nim (372) 51%
  Caitlen (47) 6%
 Will there be a Season 2
  Yes (579) 80%
  No (145) 20%
 Have You Helped to Try and Save Surface?
  Yes (527) 73%
  No (196) 27%
 Will Miles Transformation Stop?
  Yes (189) 26%
  No (529) 74%
 Was the Man Rich Saw Under the Water Real?
  Yes (474) 66%
  No (244) 34%

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Posted By: Sue

Posted On: Apr 5, 2014
Views: 531
Not happy

GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrTHEY NEVER MADE ANOTHER SERIES. gRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Posted By: Kiki G

Posted On: Mar 11, 2012
Views: 853
Surface MUST Continue!

I have so many ideas for this show! Of course, I have had an overactive imagination since I was a kid! I could write out a script for this myself :)
My idea of the story includes Nim and Miles Saving the world! I like to think Nim is different from the rest of his kind because of his connection with Miles, and I like to think Miles is different for that same reason! They have accepted each other completely. Daughtery would find out about Miles and be able help with his transformation, but he would never be rid of the changes that had already occured in his body. Miles himself, would be a humanoid species of his own because he now has Nimrod's DNA transcribed in his own. In the first season they have already revealed that Circo was alive. In the end it would be Miles and his new friends against Circo and his 'buddies'. Recall that Nim's species wasn't the only that had been created. My assumption, Circo is very much aware of this. Seriously, I only wish I could get together with the writer for this script. It could even be done all over again if it comes down to it. Regardless, you can't end a series on a cliffhanger. The show must go on!

Posted By:

Posted On: May 30, 2008
Views: 1338

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