Television Central Survey: Surface
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 Which Surface Fan Site Do You Like Best?
  Television Central's (13) 45%
  NBC's (8) 28% (8) 28% (0) 0%
 Do You View the Surface Message Boards? If so, Do You Post?
  Yes, I View and Post on the Message Boards (5) 17%
  Yes, I View, but do NOT Post on the Message Boards (18) 62%
  No, I Do Not Use the Message Boards (6) 21%
 If You Do Not Use the Message Boards, Why Not?
  I Dont Want to Register (11) 46%
  It is To Complicating (1) 4%
  I Dont Know How To Use Them. (5) 21%
  This Question Does Not Apply To Me (7) 29%
 Which Features Do You Use On Our Surface Fan Site?
  Season Review (20) 12%
  Show News (22) 14%
  Picture Gallery (20) 12%
  Nim Picture Gallery (21) 13%
  Top Theories (6) 4%
  Message Boards (6) 4%
  Unanswered Questions (10) 6%
  Important Surface Quotes (15) 9%
  Live Chat (12) 7%
  Miles Q & A (12) 7%
  Show Information (18) 11%
 What Features Would You Like To see added To Television Central? How Can we Improve our Website?
 1. Just help the show get back on air
 2. i would like to see a detailed episode guide of the show for all those people who have not seen it yet.
 3. make the surface season 2 or i will go nuts
 4. Just help to make season 2 real!
 5. Get the most up to date news.
 6. I would like to know more about weather or not surface is coming back next month.
 7. i would love to see an advertisment for on your site!
 8. Video Clips More Episode Pictures Character Pictures Character Profiles Character's Storylines
 9. up to date articales on surface
 10. your website has all of this. Would to know when NBC makes their choice on if this show will be in sept
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