Christian Beliefs Survey
 Satan and His Fellow Fallen Angels:
  Mythical Creatures (161) 76%
  Powerful Deceivers and Our Worst Enemies who are Waging an Unseen and Ever-intensifying War Against Us and God's Angels for Our Eternal Fate, and It's Up to Us Who Decides It (52) 24%
  A Mythical Place (156) 73%
  A Place of Present and Future Eternal Torment (23) 11%
  The Future Destruction of the Wicked, Satan and other Fallen Angels and Sin Itself (34) 16%
 The 10 Commandments:
  Moses' Laws (148) 69%
  God's Laws Created on Mt. Sinai Only for Physical Israel (Jews by birth) - Abolished at the Cross (16) 8%
  God's Eternally-Existing Laws Given on Mt. Sinai for All People, Some as Physical Israel and All as Spiritual Israel (His Followers by Faith) - They Exist for Our Ultimate Happiness (49) 23%
 The Sabbath:
  Sunday - God Gave the Seventh Day, Saturday, Only to Physical Israel After Sin Entered the World as a Shadow of the Promised Messiah (170) 80%
  Saturday - God Made the Seventh Day, Saturday, Holy Before Sin Entered the World as an Eternal Blessing for All People (43) 20%
 When We Die:
  Our Bodies Sleep, Our Souls Live On Somewhere Else - The Soul is Separate from the Body (177) 83%
  Our Bodies / Souls Sleep, Waiting for the Resurrection - The Soul is the Combination of the Body and the Spirit (pneuma), or Breath of Life, Given Us by God (''Man Became a Living Soul'') (36) 17%
 Jesus at His 2nd Coming:
  Will Stand on Earth and Immediately Establish His Kingdom Here (176) 83%
  Will Stay in the Sky, Return to Heaven with the Righteous and Establish His Kingdom First in Heaven for 1000 Years, Then on Earth for the Rest of Eternity (37) 17%
 If We See What Appears to be Jesus Standing on Earth in the Last Days, Claiming to Be Jesus, Preaching and Performing Great Miracles:
  We'll Know It's Really Him Preaching the Truth and We'll Be in No Danger of Being Deceived (181) 85%
  We'll Know It's Really Satan Impersonating Jesus and Deceiving People with Lies Mixed with Truth, and Unless We Test Every Statement and Every Miracle by the Bible, We'll All Be Deceived (32) 15%
 How Eternal Life can be Secured:
  Through Good Behavior (161) 76%
  Once Saved Always Saved - Faithfulness to God's Will Not Necessary (30) 14%
  Through Conversion and Daily, Consistent Surrender to God's Will (22) 10%
 How Many Chances We Have to Get Right with God:
  Two (this lifetime and in purgatory) (157) 74%
  Two (before and after the rapture) (32) 15%
  Only One (this lifetime) No Second Chance (24) 11%
 The effect our choices regarding nutrition, exercise, sleep, entertainment, hobbies, friends, even what we think about, have not only on our physical and emotional health, but also, as a result of that, on our spiritual health:
  No Effect (156) 73%
  An Insignificant Effect (16) 8%
  A Very Significant Effect - Bad Choices Could Cause Loss of Eternal Life (41) 19%

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