Favorite New Recruit
2980 votes total

 Who is your favorite New Recruit in X-Men: Evolution?
  Berzerker (254) 9%
  Boom Boom (618) 21%
  Cannonball (115) 4%
  Iceman (774) 26%
  Jubilee (172) 6%
  Magma (415) 14%
  Multiple (226) 8%
  Sunspot (88) 3%
  Wolfsbane (280) 10%

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Posted By: Jdn

Posted On: Mar 19, 2008
Views: 3881

magma is the best she's the cutest xD

Posted By: PyroAllerdyce

Posted On: Mar 17, 2007
Views: 4760
Now We're Talking!

Sunspot! He's an overachiever like me! So I think he's great and his power is awesome. I wish you saw more of him. I love one of his only lines "Now we're talking!"

Posted By: Sharman Bruni

Posted On: Jan 8, 2007
Views: 4917

Well, you gotta give Bobby some credit because he's an Omega oddly enough, but my personal favorite is Jubilee probably because I used to watch the old show when I was a kid

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