If there was a Season 5...
3558 votes total

 What would you most like to have seen in a 5th season of X-Men: Evolution?
  Phoenix (702) 20%
  Rogue and Gambit relationship (844) 24%
  Revenge of Apocalypse (138) 4%
  Psylocke (177) 5%
  Spotlight on the Brotherhood (262) 7%
  Sentinel program revival (41) 1%
  Humanity's hatred / Rise of Kelly (73) 2%
  Sinister (110) 3%
  Shi'ar, Starjammer or other space story (19) 1%
  Rogue acquires flight, super-strength (316) 9%
  Lucas and Xavier confrontation (57) 2%
  Cable (87) 2%
  Something else (244) 7%
  Too hard to choose (453) 13%

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Posted By: Sally Pringle

Posted On: Jan 20, 2008
Views: 3992

If anyone's ever seen the 90's series there are a few episodes with this completely disgusting green dude called Mojo in them. He was from another dimension that was obsessed with television and he was always trying to boost the ratings of his show. He was hilarious and if there had been a 5th season I would have loved to see him and his top star Longshot appear just once.
Also Lilandra and the Shi'ar Empire would have been awsome to see, I always think Mr.Clean(Prof.X) seems lonely without her.

Posted By: Sasorichyan

Posted On: Jan 16, 2008
Views: 3990
More Brotherhood!!

I think the Brotherhood should have more of the spotlight for a season 5. I feel that they didnt receive much attention, so they should get more! Could you imagine how cool that would be?? I think it's awesome!! Brotherhood love!!

Posted By: fil

Posted On: Nov 10, 2007
Views: 4145
brotherhood rocks

i really wanted to see more focus in the brotherhood. toad is my favorite character, he's the funniest

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