Joseph Morris Customer Satisfaction Survey
718 votes total

 Do you find our staff very helpful ??
  Yes (677) 94%
  No (14) 2%
  Sometimes (27) 4%
 How would you rate the quality of our meat
  Very good (644) 90%
  Good (57) 8%
  Average (6) 1%
  Poor (4) 1%
  Very poor (7) 1%
 Do you find our prices are cheaper than other suppliers in the same area
  Yes (518) 72%
  No (42) 6%
  About the same (158) 22%
 Finally, Overall, how would you rate us on Our Service, Product, Price & Quality
  Very Good (603) 84%
  Good (82) 11%
  Average (18) 3%
  Poor (4) 1%
  Very Poor (10) 1%
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Posted By: sheila and peter briody

Posted On: June 20th
Views: 171

two oap defo meat eaters forget about too much meat is bad for us thats a load of tosh but im 65 the old boy is 67 your meat is the best we have ever eaten so we thank you for great food and your staff are second to none the only problem is you are not in daventry which is such a pity but while old boy can drive we will come back and buy from you

Posted By: Larry Armstrong

Posted On: Jun 29, 2016
Views: 648
New customers

Our local butcher who we have used for 35+ years suddenly closed. We were recommended to Joseph Morris as a good source of meat products.
Today we visited the shop and what a surprise , we were met bystaff eager to serve you with an awsome range of products. Nothing was to much trouble and we left with our purchases very satisfied with both quality and especially price. We will return.

Posted By: bob henderson

Posted On: Mar 12, 2016
Views: 798
why was I overcharged ?

Thursday 10/3/16.Visited Rugby branch and purchased £57 of various 5lb(2.2kg)items for our freezer. I realised when I got home that I had paid counter rate for pork cubes. I returned next day and made a further purchase *(2.2kg.lamb steaks),I also queried my bill from 10/3/16 but was given a shrug of the shoulder. I am sorry to have to say that after many years of custom at both your shops I shall now be shopping elsewhere.

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