Haunted Museum
119 votes total

 Do you believe the Coal Miners Museum could be haunted?
  Yes I think it's possible (92) 78%
  No, I don't think so. (9) 8%
  I'm now really sure. (7) 6%
  I don't believe in ghosts. (3) 3%
  I saw the movie Ghost Busters ! (7) 6%

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Posted By: Tina

Posted On: Feb 28, 2012
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I have been volunteering at the Museum for 11 years now. And I have seen and heard so much unexplained things, from entire people that just disappear to hearing my name being called out and no one else there. I have had doors to shut, door knobs rattle, shadows passing in front of me or standing in the doorways. Radio's to go on and off, bells to ring, hearing items move in the above floors when I'm the only one there, and the list goes on..................