Scandals Saloon Bar Survey
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 What brings you to Scandals Saloon?
(select all that apply)
  The Barkeeps (16) 2%
  Outlawz DJz (137) 13%
  Line Dancing & Two Steppin' (142) 14%
  Cocktail Prices (133) 13%
  Just wandered by (19) 2%
  A rowdy good time (78) 8%
  No entrance fee (165) 16%
  Karaoke nights (36) 3%
  Pool Shootin' (35) 3%
  The K & L Corral Patio Bar (52) 5%
  The Wranglin' Regulars (41) 4%
  Cowboy Cruisin' (94) 9%
  I love it all! (85) 8%
 Do you fancy our DJ's music?
(select all that apply)
  Hoot Hollerin'! (186) 43%
  Entertaining (133) 31%
  Mix it up (87) 20%
  Boring (29) 7%
 How do you like our Barkeeps?
(select all that apply)
  Friendly Pokes (223) 60%
  O.K. Smoes (58) 16%
  Always at the reins (59) 16%
  Stink-eyed Blokes (31) 8%
 Do you ever wait for hooch?
(select one choice)
  Never (115) 32%
  Once or twice (151) 42%
  Often (75) 21%
  Vultures are pickin' my bones clean
by the time I get my firewater (17)
 Did your barkeep...
(select all that apply)
  getcher order right? (147) 18%
  charge you proper? (126) 15%
  make proper change? (117) 14%
  treat you well in kind? (135) 16%
  show appreciation for your
patronage? (104)
  All of the above. (202) 24%
 When do you frequent Scandals Saloon?
(select all that apply)
  Weekday Happy Hours (85) 10%
  Weekend Happy Hours (92) 11%
  Weekday nights (103) 12%
  Weekend nights (233) 28%
  Sporting Events (15) 2%
  Karaoke nights (58) 7%
  Dance Lesson nights (170) 20%
  Special shows and events (78) 9%
 Are you comfy?
(select one choice)
  Sweaty saloon (134) 34%
  A tad toasty (84) 21%
  A bit of a chill (28) 7%
  Freezin' my chaps off! (6) 2%
  This cowboy's cozy (148) 37%
 Scandals Saloon's ads are...
(select all that apply)
  attractive and attention grabbing. (136) 35%
  boring and not very eye-catching. (45) 11%
  easy to read and informative. (105) 27%
  lacking content and unclear. (25) 6%
  make me want to go there. (81) 21%
 How often do you go to Scandals' web site?
(select one choice)
  A whole bunch (36) 11%
  Now and then (132) 40%
  Not so much (72) 22%
  Hardly never (88) 27%
 I want the DJs to play...
(select one choice)
  Country music only (42) 11%
  Not always country (61) 15%
  More high energy (24) 6%
  More slow dances (10) 3%
  More new releases (24) 6%
  More classics (17) 4%
  More line dance and two step (16) 4%
  Let it alone (206) 52%
 Compared to other clubs Scandals pricesare:
(select one choice)
  outrageous! (21) 6%
  comparable. (149) 45%
  dirt cheap! (108) 33%
  I don't pay attention. (52) 16%
 Do you fill your gullet at "The Brothel"?
(select one choice)
  Yup (29) 10%
  Sometimes (101) 34%
  Nope (168) 56%
 Are you out on Wednesday or Sunday nights for
(select one choice)
  Yup (40) 12%
  Sometimes (128) 38%
  No thanks (167) 50%
 Out of 5 spurs, Scandals rates...
(select one choice)
  ***** (166) 43%
  **** (132) 34%
  *** (75) 19%
  ** (5) 1%
  * (11) 3%
 Do you attend our free dance lessons?
(select one choice)
  Yes, on Mondays for beginners (85) 23%
  Yes, on Tuesdays for improving dancers (38) 10%
  Yes, on Thursdays for two-steppin' (19) 5%
  Yes to all (46) 12%
  Nope, none of 'em (185) 50%
 If I ran Scandals Saloon I would change...
(please be constructive, not destructive)
 1. Beginning line dance lessons always seem to be for regular goers who already know the basic steps. I know none of them
 2. Make it non smoking except on the patio.
 3. I would play more 80's on Sunday patio..that crowd leaves for Hunters for it.
 4. New here so hard to judge. I cannot be around smoke so unlikely I would return until it's changed. Shocked there were clubs with smoking .i would definitely change smoking policy.
 5. Would like to hear some of the classic songs now and then..not only the current stuff that gets overplayed on the radio. Would like to be able to make a request...both inside and out...and actually have it played.
 6. Charge a cover. I noticed too many "watchers" and loitering doesn't pay the bills for those who want free water or to nurse the same drink for 4 hours.
 7. I would change the bar tops to concrete and bright lights for employees to turn on when closing. And I would plant bougainvilleas on the former thatched roof patio frame.
 8. Too many karaoke nights. Hate that shit. That should be done in the privacy of your bathroom while shower is running.
 9. I can see why guys go there on free lesson nights. It is a place for them to hangout without buying any drinks.
 10. Be nice to see some hot bartenders working there. Too many oldies that need to be collecting their social security checks. Not gonna name names!!
 More Answers
 Much obliged for your time spent takin' this survey.
Please add any additional comments here.
 1. The barback works harder than anyone I have ever seen. He never stops working.
 2. Bartenders should have name tags. Most have been there for some time, I'm new so????
 3. 5 min
 4. nice atmosphere, ruined with smoking
 5. Keep the hot men. They are perty!
 6. I like turtles!
 7. Have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and staff in your bar for over 2 years.
 8. I love Scandals, but i hate the smoke, I know I'm not alone, but most will keep quiet and just not show up as frequently anymore. I respect smokers, I don't see how Scandals could loose out by making both smokers and non-smokers happy at the same time. We are a whole group on Fridays going to another place just as we want at least one night smoke free while dancing. You have a awesome Space that allows smokers and non smokers get along very well - why not take advantage of it and make more profits
 9. BTW: we love Scandals, just fuckin hate parkin in car spaces in the big lot with the bike out of sight for long periods. There are no better bar tenders around (each and every one is attentive and friendly). Keep up the great fuckin work!
 10. Really blocking the handicapped ramp is really rude.
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Posted By: JP

Posted On: Jun 26, 2010
Views: 3491

Just wanted to say thanks. You really have a great bar going on. It has lots of appeal for different interests .
The Bartenders for the most part are GREAT , ( the newer ones need to be a tad more gracious when they receive a tip as it is a merit not supposed to be an expectation .

Its not inexpensive to have a few drinks out and for some it is a treat not an everyday occurrence.

Its is also nice to see Bar Owners who give back to the community .