Favorite Couple
5118 votes total

 Which is your favorite X-Men: Evolution couple?
  Lance and Kitty (1119) 22%
  Gambit and Rogue (1986) 39%
  Jean and Scott (846) 17%
  Jean and Duncan (28) 1%
  Kurt and Amanda (474) 9%
  Todd and Wanda (178) 3%
  Someone else (378) 7%
  I have no favorite (107) 2%

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Posted By: loveMylife

Posted On: Sep 15, 2008
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My Favourite Couple is,,,,

well my favourite couple is Jean and Scott's. Yup they are pretty much meant for each other and ufff i simply love it when they are checking on each other. I have this picture in my PC where they are on this hill and Jean is sitting facing other side of Scott on his car and then Scott is looking at her in a way..... ahhh that is so breath-taking! And uhhh they get jealous when they are like making out with others. Isnt that something to ponder over??

Gotta love Kitty and Lance's too. Bothe of them are cute and like in opposition to each other.

And hey I did not watch the part where Gambit and Rogue sorta make out.... but I think they are cool too. Goth and Umm Gambit lol


Posted By: Rayna

Posted On: Aug 30, 2008
Views: 10261
Best couple is Rogue& Gambit

You guys could have brought another season, just when i was looking forward to it.....hmm u just went ahead and stopped. Anyway lets not stray. They r the best coupld because the two have a lot in common, they r both lost and somehow they just suit each other, the thing is Rogue is the hottest X woman and gambit is the best from the rest.....like brangelina i guess.

Posted By: mike

Posted On: Aug 5, 2008
Views: 10259

bobby and jubilee were two annoying members of the team and it was even more annoying that all the kids doing bad things were the only ones who had any air time. but anyway one of my fav. would be relationships are: Roberto/Rahne, Ray/Amara, Sam/Amara. these would have been the best.

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