X-Men: Evolution Survival
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 Other than changing the X-Men: Evolution TV series itself, what do you feel was needed most to keep X-Men: Evolution on the air longer?
  Better Evo comic books (51) 2%
  More TV advertising (238) 11%
  X-Men: Evolution movie (962) 45%
  Better toys and merchandise (45) 2%
  Different timeslot or network (229) 11%
  X-Men: Evolution video game (462) 22%
  Something else (115) 5%
  Nothing would have helped (43) 2%

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Posted By: Quicksilver-Rocks

Posted On: Jun 29, 2008
Views: 7683
Use A Movie

This is such a no brainer! Use a movie to bring it back on the air. Movies always inspire TV shows of all kinds.

PS: Quicksilver is soooo HOT! SIGH (faint)

Posted By: Nohbdy

Posted On: Apr 14, 2008
Views: 7901

The quality of the story started out great, but to me what happened is it slowed down to what looked like there would be no end, there was zero progression, and an unclear goal.
They rushed through the first arc abruptly since the series had a slow pace, not developing on anything, and left little to no room for sequels.

This series had great animation, cartooning, and voice actors, just needed a better story board and scheduling, than all the beef wouldn't of fallen on the script writers to finish a wonderful series in 12 episodes.

Posted By: cyclops

Posted On: Mar 6, 2008
Views: 8289
x men

They have to go on air they never showed who won the battle.

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