21 votes total

 Are you already lusting after an iPhone?
  Yes! (4) 19%
  Maybe. I want the price to come down first. (3) 14%
  Maybe. I want to let them run through a couple of versions first. (8) 38%
  No, I think gadets are silly. (5) 24%
  What's an iPhone? (1) 5%

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Posted By: md2506

Posted On: Jan 15, 2007
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It's amazing how we all focus of each new version of a technology. There isn't really a cutting edge because things are always changing. Being the first on the block with a new toy changes so rapidly because there is a new version out that is faster and cheaper before you open the box.

I guess I'm old school (over 50) and my lifestyle now doesn't require the new gadgets as it once did. I see my kids (9 and 12) attraction to the new products grow as each version of an iproduct comes out.