X-Teens...Good Idea?
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 Was it a good idea to cast so many of the X-Men: Evolution characters as teenagers?
  Yes, fantastic! (1705) 71%
  It worked pretty well. (566) 23%
  Don't really care. (38) 2%
  I didn't like it much. (77) 3%
  No, it was terrible! (31) 1%

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Posted By: Nohbdy

Posted On: Apr 14, 2008
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I believed it was a good idea because the characters were the same as the target age group or a bit less.
As you can tell with the posts above, the girls flipped at the high school romance and for the guys it was easier to imagine and picture themselves in that cool environment since they were about the same age.
You know what i mean? i would bet a pretty penny that at the hight of this series, if you saw an online, "which x-men:E character are you?", you would take it!!! Or you at least would be like, "i would want this super power, and this would happen with the characters!!!" , ect.

idk , in summary, the teenage romance drama + connection with characters really helped the series out!!!

Posted By: michelle

Posted On: Dec 25, 2007
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Xmen evolution

I absolutely love Xmen Evolution and think that all the characters are great. and whatever ur name is Rogue is totally not corny! She rocks...if your gonna post something negative like tht, do it somewhere else, like maybe a "I hate rogue website"(if u can even find one)...I also wish there was more rogue gambit relationship happening in the series. Its really a shame they ended it. I heard of a new series coming out in 2008 tho. Wolverine and the xmen. cant wait. but I seriously doubt it can compare to xmen evo!

Posted By: kiyana

Posted On: Oct 30, 2007
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i think it was kinda okay but i would love to see more romance with kitty and lance!
ROUGE SHES CORNY:):):):):):):(:):((((

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