X-Men: Evolution Action
1554 votes total

 How do you feel about the overall amount of action (fights, rescues, etc.) in X-Men: Evolution?
  Needed much more (237) 15%
  Needed a little more (421) 27%
  Was just about right (806) 52%
  Had a little too much (53) 3%
  Had way too much (23) 1%

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Posted By: Nohbdy

Posted On: Apr 14, 2008
Views: 6581
at the right times!

This series had good adequate fight/rescue scenes ,but to me there was a lump in the series that needed more, and a bit near the end where they needed to replace them with, "build up suspense" moments.

Posted By: yeimi

Posted On: Nov 23, 2006
Views: 9086

they should put x men evolution back or a tlese tell what happend when apoculipse is born or get season 4 out

Posted By: Mari

Posted On: Nov 17, 2006
Views: 9102

i thought it was alright... battle scenes were OK but could have been longer... i could have been doing just about anything during those scenes and wouldn't have been distracted much, if at all

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