Dolphin quiz
 Dolphins are mammals not fish.
  True (275) 86%
  False (43) 14%
 Dolphins are identified by:
  there dorsal fins (77) 25%
  signature whistles (57) 18%
  scars (24) 8%
  markings and scratches (27) 9%
  all of the above (129) 41%
 What dolphin is the largest in the dolphin family?
  Beluga (32) 10%
  Bottlenose (34) 11%
  Spinner (22) 7%
  Orca (211) 68%
  Dusky (12) 4%
 What is the scientific name for the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin?
  Delphinus delphis (134) 44%
  Orcinus orca (34) 11%
  Stenella clymene (32) 11%
  Tursiops truncatus (43) 14%
  Lagenorhynchus obliquidens (38) 13%
  Grampus griseus (23) 8%
 Where do spinner dolphins live?
  Florida (109) 35%
  Bahamas (70) 23%
  Hawaii (69) 22%
  Cuba (39) 13%
  Puget Sound (23) 7%
 Which is a threat to dolphins?
  Sharks (64) 21%
  Humans (51) 17%
  Other fishes (52) 17%
  Pollution (24) 8%
  Boat traffic (20) 7%
  All of the above (92) 30%
 When dolphins jump out of the water what is it called?
  Spyhopping (93) 31%
  Porpoising (41) 14%
  Breaching (100) 33%
  Tail slapping (67) 22%
 There are 75 species of dolphin.
  True (146) 48%
  False (157) 52%
 What sense is most important to dolphins?
  Taste (26) 9%
  Hearing (83) 28%
  Echolokation (160) 54%
  Touch (28) 9%
 Dolphins have a sense of smell.
  True (157) 54%
  False (133) 46%

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