X-Men: The Last Stand
2060 votes total

 I plan to first see X-Men: The Last Stand on...
  opening night (833) 41%
  within a week of opening (533) 26%
  before it leaves the theater (251) 12%
  on DVD (347) 17%
  never (70) 3%

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Posted By: hummingbird

Posted On: Mar 3, 2007
Views: 5049
I hate the movies

Am I the only one who hates the movies. I find them totally disillusioning especially the way certain characters are portrayed. In fact if I had seen the movies befor I had seen X-men Evolution or played X-men the Next Dimension, I wouldn't even be interested in the franchise.

The only thing remotely redeeming about the movies are the special effects and I would expect alot more from a high budget production.

Posted By: Kathrine

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
Views: 5758
Does anyone watch??

Did anyone watch X-Men evolution? Because I really wanted to watch the fourth season but I wasn't into it because O was only like 7 or something like that, so I really want to see it the fourt season I mean!

Posted By: Luithenalla

Posted On: Jul 28, 2006
Views: 6138

I saw it openeing night, but I missed the end! Like, after the credits. I didn't know that there would be anything, so I just left! *cries bitterly in a corner* Can anyone fill me in? Curtis refuses to.......And I LOVE this site!!! *applaude* VERY awesome movies clips by the way!

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