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Posted By: S A Mae

Posted On: Aug 28, 2009
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x men

im trying to wach all x-men epesodes i just love it , and i also love the idea of having super powers

Posted By: Xx_Dee_Da_Realist_90z_Baby_xX

Posted On: Aug 8, 2009
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X-Men: Evolution

I Absolutely Love This Show

Posted By: KittyLeroux

Posted On: Jul 24, 2009
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Also, the shows are on air here in the US. Re-runs, of course. =P

Posted By: Tyratra

Posted On: Jul 12, 2009
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Season FOUR!

Does anyone know where to watch season four...I watched all the other seasons on youtube but they dont have the fourth season!!! V_V

Posted By: Multi-Facets

Posted On: Jul 8, 2009
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Evolution's back.

Disney XD is showing the episodes again. They're out of order, but hey, it's back for now! ^n_n^

Posted By: Martyr

Posted On: Jun 21, 2009
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Watching X-men Evolution

I've been watching it on and youtube, the episodes were bought from itunes.

Posted By: Electriranger

Posted On: Apr 29, 2009
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Last Seen Episodes

I've seen all the episodes on Youtube, but the ones after "Day of Reckoning Part 2" aren't posted yet.

Posted By: Chalikun

Posted On: Feb 28, 2009
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All episodes are on Itunes now

Posted By: KT

Posted On: Feb 26, 2009
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I last watched...

I watched all my DVDs (first three seasons) over the course of the week, going to marathon them today to get the art style right for my class project. >.

Posted By: Boo

Posted On: Jan 24, 2009
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barnes and noble has, i think, all the DVDs from seasons 1 - 3

season 3 is on two discs for less than 20$

Posted By: Chalikun

Posted On: Jan 14, 2009
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Bought DVDs

I bought the dvds i got at Barnes and Noble... i got the whole 3rd season for less than $20

Posted By: Red

Posted On: Nov 30, 2008
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Today haha

I have the episodes on my computer, Its been a while since I watched them, but today I was in an evo mood and watched "On Angels wings" and the whole Day of reckoning-Mainstream episodes.

Posted By: teresa

Posted On: Nov 14, 2008
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x-men evo dvds

I got all the x-men evo episodes on 3 dvds for like $30, including season four. the website was

Posted By: Any

Posted On: Nov 6, 2008
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X-Men Evolution DVD

I watched one within the past month, having luckily found a three-episode one(The one with Turn of the Rogue,Spykecam,and Survival of the Fittest on it.) at a Entertainmart.(The newest one, the be specific.)

Posted By: Jessica

Posted On: Nov 1, 2008
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i have a couple season 2 dvds, a season 1 dvd, and all of the 3rd season on dvd

Barnes and Noble sells Evo DVDs for them to release season 4...

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