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Posted By: Me So Turkey

Posted On: Apr 1, 2007
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I am a HUGE X-men fan. Making a movie for the Evolution series would have been a great idea. Especially since I watched X-men Evolution when I was a six-year-old girl.

Posted By: Liv

Posted On: Mar 24, 2007
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Are they thinking of macking more x-men evo. episodes? Cuase that would be cool and if they dont they should atleast mack DVDs of the fourth season. So I think they should make more episodes and a movie would be cool. :)

Posted By: Strom_biggestfan

Posted On: Mar 20, 2007
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XMEN freak

X MEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.If anyone hates Jean contact me. :-)

Posted By: bird

Posted On: Mar 15, 2007
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most likely a movie.
thats how it normally is with tv shows.
besides, it a pretty nice though. ^^

Posted By: Syrus

Posted On: Mar 15, 2007
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Video Game

I think a video game would be most awesome!! You know in several video games you can play as the good guys and the bad guys.... they should do that for the X-Men Evo guys, don't hate me for it, but I would ABSOLUTLY LOVE to play as Toad or QuickSilver!!! Or even as MAGNETO!! ~*Magneto fan*~ ^_^ (dances)

Posted By: mike vagner

Posted On: Mar 14, 2007
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game, so i can be kurt!

Posted By: Simon

Posted On: Mar 13, 2007
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I think an X-Men: Evolution video game would be so cool and really fun, as long as you could be Storm in it (huge Storm fan)!

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