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Posted By: Pietro Lover13

Posted On: Aug 21, 2006
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I LOVE XMEN!!!!!!!
its like my obsession, but i have ONE TINY glitch: im in love with Quicksilver!!!!!
hes like my favorite villian!!!!!!!!
See ya!!!!!

Posted By: shdaow_abyss22

Posted On: Aug 8, 2006
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X-Men rawks!

Well, all 3 were actually really good and loads of effort was given to make this possible. However, some things just totally bugged me. Like, why kill Scott? He hardly even really gave us a good look on how good his powers could be. And for another thing. Do you guys realise the professor isn't really doing a lot in all 3 movies? To think he was greatest telepath in the god, what's going on? In X-Men (the first movie), he was poisoned, thanks to Mystique and in the 2nd, he got possessed. Then, in the last movie, he was dead. Oh wow, how great...
But I'd say credit goes to making everything look so darn real. It was cool that Shadowcat was into the movie but did Rogue have to look so old? And I think the focused too much on Wolverine. He has been hogging up the spotlight a lot, hasn't he? I mean, should we change the name to Wolverine 3 or something'? It's all him! What happened to the others? Oh maaaan...what have they done to my beloved X-Men?
Anyway, 2 thumbs up for the least, I was proud my money didn't go down the drain. Shadowcat was just really good in the movie and so was IceMan...XD

Posted By: LEON

Posted On: Aug 3, 2006
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X- Men Movies

I like X- Men the first movie, is so good but x2 is bad and x3 is ****, WHY KILL CYCLOPS THIS IS STUPID?
what kind of son of the bitch direcor kill three X-Men in a movie

Posted By: Kaylee

Posted On: Aug 2, 2006
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X-Men: The Last Stand

I thought that X2 and X3 were the best movies of the trilogy but what really bugged me was that Scott was only in the movie for about 3 scenes then he is cut from the rest of the movie. I was also ticked at the fact that Rouge didn't have any battle time and wasn't really even in the movie at all. This is mainly because I'm an Iceman/Rouge movie fan. But the best part of X3 was all the visual effects it had. X-Men Forever!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Emily

Posted On: Aug 1, 2006
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X-Men The Last Stand

It was a real shock to me when jean killed scott i mean she and him were really close and it was really shosking when she killed the proffesor and when wolverine killed jean.Oh my god.But I wasnt surprised that scott didn't give a damn anymore dosent care about the team anymore I mean loseing the love your life

Posted By: Emily

Posted On: Aug 1, 2006
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X-Men Last Stand

It was great except I was really really really really hopeing to see Gambit in the movie and he was not what a rip off

Posted By: Munki

Posted On: Jul 30, 2006
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The second movie was definitely my favourite, because it had Nightcrawler in it! I was so upset when he wasn't in the third!

Posted By: Rogue0567

Posted On: Jul 29, 2006
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I liked the first movie because it pretty much centered around my favorite character, Rogue (of course). the 2nd one I liked better than the 3rd, because in the 3rd Rogue got completely ripped off on ANY action in the entire movie, which really really sucked. ya.

Posted By: Xfan02

Posted On: Jul 28, 2006
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The Last Stand

I think that the 3rd movie was a dissapointing movie, I saw it twice, because the first time I saw it was an information overloas.

Posted By: ...?...

Posted On: Jul 26, 2006
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umm at the risk of sounding stupid...who was psylocke?? Like I know her and I know her power, but I must have not been paying attention!!!!!!

Posted By: Claudia

Posted On: Jul 25, 2006
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Xmen 2

I preferred X2 because i thought X3 was a let-down. They killed off all my favourite characters (I'm a Scott+Jean fanatic!)
I think this was mainly because of the new director (no offence to anyone who likes X3) but PLEASE bring back Bryan Singer!

Posted By: x-fan

Posted On: Jul 24, 2006
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i think that they are all good exept the last one didnt have verry much rogue and it had too much of shadowcat... i like her but she is a boyfriend stealer

Posted By: Melanie

Posted On: Jul 20, 2006
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X-MEN 2 was definately my favorite one! =) i didn't really like 3rd one. i hope they have another movie... maybe they will bring back nightcrawler and i hope they add new characters like gambit, quicksilver, scarlet witch... and psylocke was in the 3rd movie but she didn't really have a big part. I would like the movies to have more stuff about other mutants... not just center on the same main characters.

Posted By: Kasinian

Posted On: Jul 18, 2006
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Nightcrawlers disappearance.

Alan cumming didn't like putting the suit on because it was a long and tedious process. There might have been other reasons, but ya, mau, that's one of the big ones.

Posted By: Nightmare

Posted On: Jul 18, 2006
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X-Men 2

X-men is the best because it has nightcrawler. I was really mad that Nightcrawler wasn't in the third movie. I heard somewhere he was studying to be a priest like in the comic books.

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